The Indie Dog

Using Empathy, Telepathy & WhatsApp To Find A Lost Dog In Indiranagar

May 01, 2022 Radha Thomas / Kamakshi Jasra Sharma Season 1 Episode 18
The Indie Dog
Using Empathy, Telepathy & WhatsApp To Find A Lost Dog In Indiranagar
Show Notes

If there’s one thing about adopting a doggie or two and raising them… it’s that nothing is ever predictable. 

Especially in a city like Bangalore where dogs can disappear without the slightest warning. People will dognap them knowing you’ll pay ransom. Or they’ll just wander off... especially streeties who remember the freedom of the open road. Sometimes the noises of our multicultural, fire cracker-led religious holidays and birthdays of politicians… well they just drive dogs berserk. And they run away.

Getting them back is a nightmare. 

It happened to me back in 2016 and for a month I inspected the streets of my ‘hood with a magnifying glass looking for Brownie. I kept widening the search circle. I didn’t give up. After three weeks, my friends and  family insisted she was dead. They kept saying I should stop looking, get a hold of myself and move on. 

But then I found an animal communicator. Yes indeed. An animal communicator in Chennai who told me that in fact, Brownie was alive, and trying very hard to find me. 

At the time I didn’t believe her at all. I’m not spiritual, I’m not kindly, I’m not religious. I just believe in the now. 

The communicator got my hopes up for a bit… and then after a week of that I finally gave up looking for Brownie, reconciling myself to the fact that she was gone. We adopted Kara.

And the very next day, who should turn up, but Brownie. 


So today, I’m talking Kamakshi Jasra Sharma, who just a few months ago, helped the Indiranagar Canine Squad  find Lola… a doggie that went missing.  

Animal communicators use telepathy, finely tuned empathy, a photograph and other things I do not understand to locate missing animals. 

I’ve heard this story at least a dozen times in Bangalore.