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Was 02-02-2022 A Lucky Or Unlucky Day For A Dog Named Duke?

April 17, 2022 Radha Thomas / Arundathi Somaiah, Pamela Parashar Season 1 Episode 16
The Indie Dog
Was 02-02-2022 A Lucky Or Unlucky Day For A Dog Named Duke?
Show Notes

This year  in February, there was a big deal being made of the date 02-02-2022. Many people thought it was a lucky date. But if you were you were a doggie named Duke it was the worst possible day for you.  

Duke  was lost… alright let's call it what it is… he was bloody abandoned on Wheeler Road Extension, around the Village Supermarket, here in Bangalore.

 Someone driving a dark blue car hit Duke straight on, despite the very bright streetlights and despite the fact that it was actually very easy to avoid him, as he was walking pretty much on the side of the road, and not in the way of oncoming traffic. 

Duke was pushed along the road for a few meters by the car, meaning the psychopath did not stop, did not pause, didn’t even pay attention… he just carried on.

How do I know this? 

I saw the CCTV footage from The Village Supermarket on the Frazer Town Canine Squad What'sApp group.  So did many people, including the cops. 

But till now (and this is now May 2022) … we haven’t been able track the monster down. Maybe the cops have access to superior video cleaning software and maybe they can easily find out who the culprit was, but it doesn't seem like they are interested.

It’s not a real crime… at least, it’s not a crime worthy of punishment.  So it’s mostly a waste of time for the cops. There’s no jail time involved and the fine is something of a joke. Fifty rupees. Abandoned / stray / street dogs have no value as beasts of burden. 

I’m speaking to Arundathi Somaiah who is one of three trustees of the NGO FluffyNut (named for two dogs named Fluffy and Nut). They host adoption drives for rescued animals, raise funds for rescuers who always need money for medical treatment, food and other supplies. Arundhati happened to be walking outside the Village Supermarket exactly at the moment when Duke was hit.

I’m also speaking to Pamela Parashar, who works at VOSD (Voice Of Stray Dogs) a most amazing NGO that provides shelter for hundreds of abandoned animals, located just a little outside Bangalore. Pam is a long-time animal lover and gets emotional when she talks about animals who are hurt. 

It’s very hard to work in an animal rescue and rehab environment because you are faced with unspeakable cruelty and inhuman behaviour all the time. Arundhati and Pam do it with a smile. 

I don’t know how.